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The Happy Union is a one-stop living center. Here, people can go shopping, taste delicious food and work out in gyms. You can also participate in the rich variety of community activities, attend lectures by masters of certain trades, take part in vocational trainings, make new friends and develop new interests.

The Happy Union is divided into two categories, Community Happy Union and Industry Happy Union. It is supposed to be a community center which offers functions like commercial facilities, sports and leisure space, community services and a hub for neighbors to interact. These Happy Unions will be built across the new industry towns, in order to meet the needs of the industry elites and residents for entertainment, recreation and social life in the community.

  • Peacock City Happy Union

    Quality, Leisure, Fashion
  • Britain palace Happy Union

    Public welfare, Warmth, Sunshine
  • David City Happy Union

    Public welfare, Warmth, Sunshine
  • Cambridge Happy Union

    Public welfare, Warmth, Sunshine
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