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  • The Music Society
    In order to enrich community life, Fortune Community Center set up the music society in 2016 to provide the residents with an opportunity to make friends through music, to popularize music know-how among music lovers and to improve their musical intrument performance skills. As of now, the music society has more than 60 members. The society took part in the 2016 Mid-Autumn Festival Concert and their outstanding performance was highly praised by the audience. The music society is able to perform many pieces of music including South of the Yangtz River at Early Spring, Flower and Youth, Horse Racing (Erhu Unision), Jubilance, Higher and Higer for Each Step and Year of Happiness etc. The major activities of the society include everyday training and rehearsal, training of reserve performers, and laying the foundation for a professional Peacock City music troupe.

    The Book Reading Club
    Fortune Community Center set up the book reading clud on April 25, 2015. As of now, the book reading club has a membership of 166. The book reading club participated in the Grand Party of 2016, presented a Peom Reading performance and organized flea markets which were well received by the audience and added vigor to community life. The book reading club is host of a series of mature activities including the flea market, peom reading, tea art performance and exhibition of calligraphy works. Major activities of the club include calligraphy training, poem reading training, tea art training, book swap, book reading and discussion and classic film screening at Dahu Cinema.

    The Fitness Club
    The fitness club organizes regular and ad hoc fitness activities in line with the preferences of community residents. Set up in May 2015, the fitness club now has a membership of 255. Activities organzied by the club include yoga, aerobics dancing, model show, ethnic dancing, badminton, running and jogging. The fitness club has taken part in community activities like Night Running, Grand Party, and the Mid-autumn Festival Carnival. It now boasts of such mature activities as Aerobics Dancing, Yoga Show, Model Show, Mogolian Dancing, Jogging Culture and Badminton Friendship Games. The major activities of the fitness club are everyday training, training reserve performers, and laying the foundation for the future establishment of a Peacock City fitness team.

    The Basketball Association
    Fortune Community Center set up the basketball association on June 6, 2016. The basketball association, called Peacock city Owner Basketball Association (POBA) in full, has a membership of 116 and comprises Peacock City Team, David City Team and British Palace Team. A couple of basketball related activities are organized on a weekly basis. The association mainly focuses on everyday training for the Peacock City Basketball League.

    The Pet Lovers' Club
    Fortune Community Center of Peacock City set up the pet lovers' club on May 15, 2015. The club, following the philosophy of treasuring life and advocating humanitarianism, is committed to protecting animals from maltreatment, safeguarding animal survivial rights and improving animal living conditions. The club proactively advocates civilized ways of raising pets, opposes to any forms of maltreatment and harm to animals, and provides community pet lovers of Peacock City with an interaction platform to enhance community harmony. As of now, the pet lovers' club has a membership of 73 and their pets are mainly dogs. Major activities of the club are exchanges with Daxing Dog Raising Base and publicity for civilized raising of dogs.

    The Pingpang Association
    The Pingpang Association of Fortune Community Center was founded in 2015 and boasts of a membership of 179 as of now. The Peacock City team has 104 players and the Yongding River team has 75. Fortune Community Center organizes regular Pingpang games which are accessible on-line to Pingpang players around the country and are already participated by players of provincial teams. One major activity of the association is to participate in ChinaTT Pingpang Games. The major activities of the association include everyday training and rehearsal, training reserve players and laying the foundation for the establishment of a professional Peacock City Pingpang Team.

    The Photography Association
    Fortune Community Center set up the photography association in 2016 which boasts of more than 40 members as of now. The association provides its memvers with a learning, improving, interacting and sharing platform which helps enrich their spiritual life and sense of happiness. The volunteer photographers of the association took pictures for the 2016 ChinaTT Pingpang Games and the clothes donationg activity recording the wonderful moments of the events. Major activities of the association are as follows. First, giving photography lectures. Second, organizing collective excursion for taking pictures. Third, commenting on the works of photography leaners. Forth, organizing regular exhibition of excellent works of photography leaners. Fifth, taking pictures for volunteer activities.

    The Gardening Association
    The Peacock City Community Gardening Association was founded in May 2015 and comprises more than 300 members. In early 2017, the association launched the Test Field Program which intends to popularize flower growing know-how among residents of the community by delivering gardening lectures. The Gardening Assocition is there to help residents cultivate pot plants benefiting their temperament and it also provides them with an opportunity to start their own businesses through mastering gardening skills.

    The On-line shopping Club
    The on-line shopping club was founded on Jan. 29, 2016 and comprises 139 members including 104 women and 35 men. The association has a president called Lively and is known as a "group of prodigals " indulging in group buying and sharing. Various activities are organized on-line including reguarly inviting Staff of Taobao University to give lectures, sharing on-line shopping experiences, and guarding against on-line fraud. The association also has ad hoc interactions with other organizations and cooperates with enterprises of the industrial park to provide employment and business opportunities to its members.

    The Parent-child Club
    The Parent-child Club was set up in September 2015 and the current 108 members of the club are mainly residents of Peacock City including 85 women and 23 men. The purpose is to help create a cozy family atmosphere, infuse confidence into children, develop children's diversified talent, and nurture a proactive and pioneering learning attitude. The association provides a high-quality space for parent-child interaction and advocates positive incentives to make sure the children grow up in an environment full of love. Major activities of the association include children's occupational experience, coloured drawing, and Happy Taotao.

  • The Gourmet Club
    The gourmet club was founded on May 1, 2015 and the 136 members, including 103 women and 33 men, are mainly from Peacock City . The club has a president called Wendy and it's purpose is to introduce a healthy eating culture to the community through joint efforts. The association organizes various activities including lectures on food culture, food festivals and cooking contests. The purpose is to demenstrate the appeal and charm of food culture, promote the traditional Chinese spirit of innovation, improve the taste and living quality of the property owners, enrich the cultual life of the neighbourhood and strive to enhance the community cultural atmosphere.

    The Handcraft Club
    Fortune Community Center set up the handcraft club in June 2015. Now the club has more than 60 members including 35 women. The handcraft club encourages residents from the neighbourhood to make self-designed fences, furniture, water and electricity lines, knitwear and clothes. The joy of life lies in DIY. Activities organized by the club include lectures on preparing pressed flowers etc.

    The Sewing Class
    Major activities of the sewing class are to deliver regular sewing lectures. As of now, members of the sewing class are able to make various products including patchworks, hand bags, cosmetic bags and pajamas. During the Worn Clothes Set Love on Journey donation program, the sewing class made a large number of pencil cases for the children of Tibet Autonomous Region.

    The Soul of Lark Dace Group
    The purpose of the dance group is to converge positive social energy, make friends, enhance body and mental enjoyment and build harmonious families. Major activities include singing and dancing, ethnic dancing, square dancing, social dancing, model show, aerobic dancing and drum dancing. The dance group has won multiple awards and honors.

    The Calligraphy Association
    The Fortune Community Center Calligraphy Association was set up in January 2016 and is open to all community residents of Peacock City. As of now, 63 fans of calligraphy from the neighbourhood are enrolled for calligraphy classes every Wednesday and Sunday. On April 12, 2017, a grand unveiling ceremony was held during which the calligraphy association was recognized as Fortune Community Center Chapter of Gu'an Calligraphy Association. This indicates that the communicty culture has won wide recognition thanks to the support of Gu'an County Government, Literary Federation and the Administrative Committee of the Industrial Park.

    The Yoga Class
    The yoga classes organized by Fortune Community Center offer the residents with more options to spend their spare time and also provide those wanting to keep fit with an extra platform. Practising yoga together is not only a body and mental exercise but also increases the bond among the neighbours. Sister Beautiful used her spare time to give yoga lessons teaching yoga practising skills. Yoga, capable of improving people's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual performance, is a sport that enhances harmony of body, mind and soul.

    The Football Club
    Fortune Community Center Football Club was founded by the residents of Peacock City themselves and is the 16th largest associaiton under the banner of the community center. The club provides the residents with a platform for playing football together and interacting with one another. With an exclusive football field, the club is able to organize group trainings every saturday. Friendship matches are also organized now and then to share skills and meet friends.

    The Chinese Painting Class
    The Chinese painting class was launched in April 2017. Mr. Wu was invited by Fortune Community Center to teach Chinese painting skills. 20 students are enrolled for the first session and lectures are given every Wednesday afternoon. The objective of the class is to pass on the glamor of traditional Chinese painting and to open up a new horizon for the residents .

    The Reading Club
    Fortune Community Center founded the reading club on Dec. 13, 2016 and it has about a dozen members as of now. The objective of the reading club is to provide the residents with yet another learning, interacting and sharing platform to enrich their cultural life and enhance their sense of happiness. The reading club participated in the 2016 year-end performance of all associations and read out the happy life in Fortune Community. Major activities of the reading club include lectures on vocal exercises, reading poeams of renowned poets and participating in association performances.

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