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    Chapter I General Rules

    Article 1 In order to advocate the spirit of sacrifice, friendship, mutual assistance and progress, encourage and regulate service work and activities undertaken by volunteer service providers (hereinafter referred to as volunteers), promote the healthy development of the cause of volunteer service, advance socialist morality and enhance social harmony, the rules are enacted in line with the realities of the association and following the provisions of the Constitution and relevant Laws and Regulations.

    Article 2 The rules are applicable to the association's volunteers, volunteer service organizations and their activities.

    Article 3 Volunteers mentioned in the rules are registered individuals who, out of sacrifice, friendship, mutual assistance and social responsibility, voluntarily use their own time, skills and other resources to undertake social service and public welfare activities for free. Volunteer service organizations mentioned in the rules are legally registered non-profit social groups exclusively devoted to volunteer service and other agencies, non-profit public institutions and social organizations undertaking volunteer service activities.

    Article 4 Volunteer service activities must follow the principles of voluntariness, legitimacy, integrity, frugality and not for profit.

    Article 5 The scope of volunteer service covers helping those in danger or in need, respecting the elderly, assisting the disabled, offering community service, safeguarding social order, providing cultural and sports services, protecting the environment, maintaining public security, providing medical rescue, providing legal assistance, organizing mega events, offering psychological counseling, providing mental comfort, giving educational and medical supports, disseminating scientific know-how, providing emergency rescue, providing convenience services, offering civil mediation, providing guidance for civility and promoting work safety.

    Article 6 Volunteer service activities undertaken by the association are subject to the guidance and supervision of the Civil Affairs Bureau and other relevant government agencies.

    Chapter II Volunteer Service Organizations

    Article 7 The committee of the associations volunteer service organizations should:

    (1) Formulate rules and regulations for volunteer service activities;

    (2) Establish and enhance a filing system for volunteers and volunteer service activities;

    (3) Recruit, train, guide, govern, supervise and honour volunteers;

    (4) Organize and implement volunteer service activities;

    (5) Carry out publicity and exchange work for volunteer service;

    (6) Provide the volunteers with necessary guarantee.

    Article 8 Relevant individuals of the association, in the process of proving volunteer service, should strictly follow the provisions of the laws and regulations and the rules of the association and should not engage in profit making activities.

    Article 9 Volunteer service organizations affiliated to the association are free to recruit volunteers separately or jointly. During the recruitment, the volunteer service program should be announced in a proper manner. Volunteer service organizations should undertake activities following the volunteer service program. The volunteer service program should comprise rules for the recruitment, training, employ and evaluation of volunteers as well as details of the service projects.

    Article 10 Group volunteers, when collectively undertaking volunteer service activities, should report the volunteer service program and the profile of the service activities to the volunteer organization they are affiliated to for reference.

    Article 11 The fund of volunteer service organizations comprises government support, social donation, sponsorship and other legal revenues. The fund should not be diverted for other uses. The raising, spending and management of the fund of volunteer service organizations should comply with relevant regulations and accept the supervision of relevant government agencies, donors, sponsors and individual volunteers. The raising and spending of funds should be disclosed to the public on a regular basis.

    Chapter III Volunteers

    Article 12 Volunteers of the association should fulfill the following conditions:

    (1) Abide by the volunteer service rules of the association;

    (2) Voluntarily undertake volunteer services;

    (3) Possess relevant capacity for civil acts;

    (4) Physically fit for volunteer service activities;

    (5) Possess relevant service capacities.

    Article 13 Volunteer service organizations should establish a volunteer registration system. Individuals providing volunteer service should apply for registration with relevant volunteer service organizations. Individuals ready to voluntarily undertake non-profit services should apply to the volunteer service organizations of the association by submitting their application forms, ID cards and professional certificates with copies. Basic information like name, age, skills, profession, home address and contact details should be provided. Eligible individuals and groups should fill out Guan Industrial Park Volunteer (Organization) Registration Form and relevant files should be created. Relevant organizations affiliated to the association, after confirming that the applicants fulfill the requirements of volunteers, should inform the applicants and confer on them volunteer certificates, logos and serial numbers of the association. Volunteer service organizations affiliated to the association can recruit temporary volunteers according to the need of volunteer service activities providing that it is reported to the associations volunteer service committee for reference.

    Article 14 Volunteers of the association are entitled to the following rights:

    (1) Join or quit volunteer service organizations voluntarily;

    (2) Participate service activities undertaken by the volunteer service organizations;

    (3) Request necessary conditions and supports for providing volunteer services;

    (4) Request volunteer service organizations to help solve practical difficulties met in the process of providing volunteer services;

    (5) Make suggestions, raise criticism and exercise supervision vis-a-vis the volunteer service organizations;

    (6) Receive volunteer service on a priority basis when in need.

    Article 15 Volunteers are subject to the following duties:

    (1) Abide by the rules of volunteer service organizations;

    (2) Refrain from accepting payments by service receivers or borrowing money, stuff and seeking for other benefits from them;

    (3) Refrain from accepting donations by service receivers in the process of providing volunteer service;

    (4) Keep secret the privacy of service receivers;

    (5) Refrain from organizing or taking part in activities violating the principles of volunteer service in the name of volunteers or volunteer service organizations.

    Article 16 Volunteers of the association should undertake volunteer services following the arrangements of the volunteer service organizations and complete the assigned service work. Without prior consent of the associations volunteer service organizations, all entities or individuals are forbidden to undertake activities in the name of relevant volunteer service organizations.

    Article 17 The associations volunteer service organizations provide for the legal rights and interests of volunteers in the process of undertaking volunteer services. Volunteer service organizations, according to the need of volunteer services, can purchase relevant life insurances for volunteers taking part in service activities.

    Article 18 Volunteers, when providing volunteer service, should wear unified volunteer service logos. The application and management rules of volunteer service certificates and logos should be formulated by the association uniformly.

    Chapter IV Volunteer Service

    Article 19 Individuals or entities requesting volunteer service can apply to relevant volunteer service organizations.

    Article 20 The following materials should be provided to apply for volunteer services:

    (1) Written application forms for volunteer services;

    (2) Identity certificates or organizational certificates of the applicants;

    (3) Details of the projects requesting volunteer services and other relevant materials. If the applicant has no or limited civil capacity of conduct, the application should be submitted by their custodians or legal representatives.

    Article 21 After receiving service applications, volunteer service organizations of the association can provide volunteer services within their capacity according to the applications upon confirming the realities of the service receiver. If the volunteer service cannot be provided, the applicants should also be replied. When providing volunteer services, at least two volunteers should be involved providing that the service project makes no special requests.

    Article 22 Volunteer service organizations can sign service agreements with the service receivers to identify the rights and interest of both parties and provide for dispute solutions. In the process of providing service, both volunteer service organizations and service receivers should abide by the service agreements. Requests to alter or cancel the agreements by any one side should be jointly discussed by both parties.

    Article 23 Service receivers should, following the provisions of the service agreements, guarantee that the volunteers provide services in a safe environment in light of the contents and features of the service. Service receivers can, according to their own realities, provide volunteers undertaking services with necessary training and relevant material supports.

    Capther V Commendation and Encouragement

    Article 24 Volunteer service organizations should establish volunteer evaluation and commendation systems.

    Article 25 Volunteer service organizations confer certificates of honor on volunteers who fulfill relevant commendation rules.

    Article 26 Organizations and enterprises, when recruiting employees or enrolling students, are encouraged to give priority to individuals with volunteer service experiences amidst candidates with similar qualifications. Specific incentive rules can be formulated by relevant government agencies or the organizations recruiting employees or enrolling students.

    Article 27 News media should provide free publicity to volunteer service for public welfare. News media can publicize the deeds of outstanding volunteers or volunteer service organizations after acquiring their consent.

    Chapter VI Legal Responsibilities

    Article 28 Should volunteers cause harm to service receivers or any third party when providing services following the arrangements of volunteer service organizations, relevant volunteer service organizations should bear civil liabilities providing that there is no specific agreements between the volunteer service organizations and the service receivers. After fulfilling the civil liabilities, volunteer service organizations of the association have the right to request partial or total compensation by the volunteers who caused the harm on purpose or committed gross negligence.

    Article 29 Service receivers should bear civil liabilities according to the laws if they cause harm to the volunteers providing volunteer services. Volunteer service organizations should support the harmed volunteers in seeking for compensation by the service receiver and provide them with necessary assistance.

    Article 30 Should any body or group undertake illegal activities using the names, logos and relevant materials of the associations volunteer service organizations, the associations volunteer service organizations have the right to request relevant government agencies to investigate their liabilities.

    Article 31 Volunteers should bear relevant legal liabilities should they bent the rules for their own benefits, abuse public funds or commit other illegal acts when performing duties. Those committing criminal acts should be investigated for criminal liabilities by the judiciary.

    Chapter VII Supplementary Articles

    Article 32 The rules are applicable within the jurisdiction of Guan New Industry City.

    Article 33 The rules should enter into force on the day of release.

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